Arsenic contamination of Arsenic contamination of Ogosta river: Linking Linking biogeochemical processes in biogeochemical processes in floodplain floodplain soils with river system dynamics

This research project has three general objectives, which are addressed in work packages WP1–WP3:

  1. Investigate the magnitude and spatial distribution of As contamination in the floodplains of
    Ogosta river (Bulgaria) using an integrated approach based on topography, hydrology, and
    geochemistry (WP1).
  2. Improve our process understanding of As speciation and mobility in highly‐contaminated,
    mining affected river floodplains during alternating periods of high/low flow and
    flooding/drainage, respectively (WP2).
  3. Explore novel approaches for integrating process‐oriented, molecular‐scale knowledge (WP2)
    and river‐system scale information (WP1) to better understand As dynamics, As fluxes, and
    impacts on water quality at the river‐system scale (WP3).

ETH Zurich ––linking-biogeochemical-pr.html

Arsenic Contamination of Ogosta River/Замърсяване на р. Огоста с арсен –

Тeam from Bulgaria – National Institute of Geophysica, Geodesy, and Geography – Bulgarian Academy of Sciences:

Tsvetan Kotsev – project manager for Bulgaria

Diana Jordanova

Stoyan Nedkov

Marian Varbanov

Georgi Zhelzov

Emilia Tcherkezova

Velimira Stoyanova

Тeam from Bulgaria – Geological Institute – Bulagrian Academy of Sciences

Aleksey Benderev

Dimitar Antonov

Petar Gerginov

Team from Switzerland – ETH Zurich

Ruben Kretzschmar – project manager for Switzerland

Iso Christl

Kurt Barmettler